What an Ironman Day

I wanted to post and document all the things I saw, thought, and felt yesterday.  I’ve been told there’s nothing like your first time, so here goes.  It’s going to … Continue Reading →

Today’s the Day

It would seem wrong to not write one last post before the race.  Today’s the big day.  In a little more than 3 hours I will be getting into the … Continue Reading →

So it’s been a month…

When I started this journal, I told myself I would write once a week.  But as you can tell, it’s been almost a month since my last post.  Things just … Continue Reading →

Once more around…

So today was our ‘Super Brick’.  But before I go there, let me  bring you up to speed on the Ironman Wisconsin (IMWI) course (also called IMOO, because that’s what … Continue Reading →

Door County Half Ironman

It was really a great day for a race.  Although I can’t personally vouch for the weather in previous years, the rumor mill has it that it was miserable.  So, … Continue Reading →

Recovery and Race

I know it’s been a little while since I posted.  I took a nice mental and physical break from ironman training last week.  It was our ‘recovery week’, and I … Continue Reading →

So I can swim now…

Yesterday was my first IM distance swim (actually 2.3 miles, but I get to round).  It was long, but for the most part, it felt pretty darn good.  The water … Continue Reading →

First Century Ride

That’s right, Sunday was my first 100 mile ride on a bike.  Of course, we couldn’t just go an easy 100 miles, it had to be a hilly, windy ride. … Continue Reading →

Finally a run in the heat

Bound and determined to make up for Sunday, I went 7 miles today in 82 degree heat with no wind.  Don’t know if I could have done another 7 without … Continue Reading →

Not every day is a win…

Well, today I got my ass kicked.  The 60 mile bike went well, but this ‘big boned’ body is not meant to run in the heat.  Mind you, it’s Wisconsin, … Continue Reading →